Eddie (a satisfied client)

In 2015 I was indicted in Suffolk Superior Court with the charges of: 1) Armed Robbery, 2) OUI 4th Offense, & 3) Assault & Battery with a deadly weapon. Naturally with charges of this magnitude I became scared, as any of us would be in this situation, so like most I turned to my family and friends to ask for their support in referring me to a good lawyer who could help me prove my innocence.

A couple of them gave me Attorney Finnerty’s name, as some gave me others, but after meeting with them all I came to a reasonable and sound conclusion that Attorney Finnerty was the best attorney to take on these charges. Not only did he make me feel safe and secure by ensuring me he would do everything in his means to keep me out of prison, but he gave me the confidence and the courage to take on the Commonwealth, and to fight these charges by taking it to trial.

He mapped out our strategy, and prepared me for everything we might encounter with a jury trial. He walked me through everything the prosecution would try to throw at us, and made me feel comfortable with our defense. And then on the day of the trial he walked me into the courthouse, and took care of me like I was one of his own.

Like a conductor of a symphony, he orchestrated a great defense. He countered everything the prosecution tried to throw at us, and used their evidence for our benefit. With due diligence he noticed small details in the evidence that the prosecution never even saw, and like a game of chess he manipulated, and controlled the prosecution’s every single move. The district attorney never had a chance. After a day of deliberation, the jury came back with a NOT GUILTY verdict on ALL THREE charges!!

With these results I can proudly say that I highly recommend Attorney Finnerty as your attorney, as I now as well recommend him to all my family, and all my friends.